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  • who Students & bright sparks with a passion for digital
  • when Thursday 27 June 2019 @ 6PM
  • where Emakina HQ

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Thinking of a career in digital? Awesome. Come and meet us!

  • Get inside stories on the latest trends and tech
  • Meet friendly experts with loads of experience
  • Get a feel for how you can build on your skills and talent
  • Share your passions with like-minded people
  • Enjoy music and free drinks, snacks and treats
  • Ask burning questions about life at Emakina
  • Chat to our team and get feedback on your CV/portfolio

That’s right, it’s all on us. You’re welcome!

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Thursday 27 June 2019


Talks & workshops to join

  • Emakina Experience Night

    What makes us tick?

    Tim & Pierre

    A chance to delve into Emakina: our roots, beliefs and the culture that allows us to flourish.

  • Emakina Experience Night

    A world of mixed realities


    Take a dive into the world of virtual and augmented reality.

  • Emakina Experience Night

    Getting creative with content


    Discover the new content formats Emakina has been experimenting with over the past few months.

  • Emakina Experience Night

    Killer portfolios


    Step up and show us what you've got! We'll help you make your portfolio louder and prouder.

  • Emakina Experience Night

    Challenge your CV


    Resumes have been around since forever. How's yours and what do employers want today?

  • Emakina Experience Night

    Google Design Sprint


    A Tale of Superpowers, Rapid prototyping, Immigration… and Batman.

  • Emakina Experience Night

    The new era of Commerce


    How can retail industry transform to meet new customer expectations?

  • Emakina Experience Night

    Marketing Automation is hot!


    How Marketing Automation is at the core off all digital communication tracks.

  • Emakina Experience Night

    Insights up and running

    Aline & Laura

    How useful are user insights all along a digital project.

food & drinks

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  • foodtruck
  • sweets

Could this be you?

  • Developers

    .NET Core, PHP with Symfony, Microservices, Vanilla Javascript, React, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision... if it's hot, we're on it. Jump into our melting pot of coding, strategy, front- and back-end skills.

  • UX designers

    The right and left brained among you can be awesome UXers. You'll create beautiful, seamless experiences by drawing on user research, strategy, architecture and interactive design. Simple!

  • Creative designers

    Your head is in the clouds, where birds sing and ideas fly! We want to channel all that heavenly creativity for our clients. Just keep cool when the briefs, brand guidelines and specs land!

  • Motion designers

    People can't get enough of cool video content. They love it, want it, need it right now! So join our busy team managing concepts, storyboards, visuals, music, VO, editing - the whole damn show.

  • Art directors

    Our art directors see things differently and look at challenges upside down. Once you're the right way up again, you'll weave together storytelling, branding and design to meet client objectives.

  • Project & account

    Pick up and run with our digital projects. You'll need to be half human, half robot = able to get the best out of your clients and team mates, but also madly organised, goal-oriented and methodical.

  • Product owners

    You represent your client, translating stakeholder needs and speaking the language of our teams. An energetic, diplomatic communicator, you keep your eyes on the bigger picture.

  • Information

    Can you soak up user needs, website strategy, audience research and creative concepts - and organise it all into drawings and charts? Then we need your brain!

  • Awesome interns

    An internship gives you as much as you're willing to give. If you're up for diving in head first, we'll give you some responsibility and a valuable chance to experience the whirlwind of agency life.

  • Open application

    You can't put people in a box. If you're gloriously different and have a unique and colourful mix of skills and ideas to offer, then go ahead and send us your resume! We're ready to listen.

  • Explore other jobs and mid-senior level opportunities

Emakina in stats

  • 1500 projects / year
  • 185 people
  • 45 awards in 2017
  • 4 workshops / month
  • n°1 & still hungry

    Emakina.BE is the original and founding company in the international Emakina Group. This is the home of the no. 1 full-service agency in Belgium, supporting its clients in maximising the opportunities of the digital era. One thing is sure: we’re still hungry for success.

  • The fun gets messy

    As well as helping our clients to transform through digital technology, we like to enjoy ourselves. And that can sometimes mean being silly and acting like kids. OK, usually...

  • High speed & agility

    We don’t keep our clients happy and win all those awards by being slow to respond. Our 100% commitment to agile working means we’ve got flexible teamwork down to a fine art.

  • A big family

    But not the mafia kind! Our front-end devs have lunch with illustrators and project managers grab beers with product owners. Whatever the team, being friendly and sociable is the name of the game.

    how to find us

    Emakina - Rue Middelbourg 64A, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

    • tram

      94 Musée du Tram-Louise Tram stop Wiener (5 minutes away)

    • train

      Boitsfort train station (12 minutes away)

    • bus

      Stops 17 & 95 Place Wiener (5 minutes away)

    • car

      Some parking in the streets near the office